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“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”


We believe in that you deserve to be able to make decisions based on your own data – not emotions, opinions or politics. Because acting on your data helps you deliver ROI that makes your clients and executives ask for more.

Helping you get there is incredibly rewarding.



“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

Branko Kral

Techy marketer and linguist with empathetic analytical thinking, Branko will fire off a mountain top analysis with the most actionable insights for your campaigns.

Analyses, tracking setup, product development

Thomas Bosilevac

Operating in Analytics ever since the field started, Thomas of MashMetrics is the resource you’ve always wanted.

Tracking setup, strategy, product development

John Reinesch BKD
John Reinesch

As a digital marketing consultant with rich experience in SEO and AdWords, John is the man you want on your team to get complex tasks done.

Insight execution via SEO & AdWords

Andre Vitorio BKD
Andre Vitorio

The mind behind several successful monetizing websites, Andre’s involvement in your projects is like adding honey – it makes everything much better.

Code & design optimization

Byron Corales BKD
Byron Corrales

Main man at Kronoscode with a keen sense for problem solving and delivering great results every time, Byron is your next favorite dev.

Custom code

We’re hiring

Reach out if you’d like more great work, are self-motivated, and excel in Analytics. We would also like to hear from you if you’re great at Search, Shopping PPC, or e-commerce.

Analytics, PPC, e-commerce



“The only sustainable competitive advantage is learning faster.”

Peter Senge

Google Analytics certified
Google AdWords certified
Tailored Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Platform Integration
Interactive Dashboards
E-Commerce Analytics


We help you figure out what is happening, why it is so, and what we need to do about it.


Have us set you up with advanced and tailored measurement for complex websites and campaigns. Collect data that’s accurate, accessible and actionable.


Turn to us for in-depth analyses, custom multi-source dashboards and stories told via data visualization.


Guessing which half of your marketing works. Recommendations based on flawed data. Cookie-cutter solutions.

Increasing the value of your service Making it easy for you Quality work you can count on

“The only way for great agencies to grow is to make their clients grow first.”


jill coyle analytics client

“There is a sense of confidence I get when I know B King Digital is working with us. Anything analytical or data driven, BKD is the perfect partner. They get it done, and they get it done well.”

Jill Coyle, Senior Account Executive, Hill Aevium

Scott McGuire analytics client testimonial

“We engaged B King Digital to assist in our e-commerce analytics for Triple Aught Design. His in-depth knowledge of the field made it quick to get to the core of our needs.

We were able to learn where we had been blind to key points, set up improved structures to capture the most pertinent data and then received an easy to comprehend series of steps to further manage our business moving forward.”

Scott McGuire, President, The Mountain Lab

Chris Healy analytics client

“We’ve gotten the leadership we need in our e-commerce analytics. The team understands our business, our brand, and what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s important to us that professional help isn’t just a service provider, but a trusted advisor — and Branko is our guy.

The deliverables were highly valuable. The concise, in-depth reports are easy to understand, providing insights that matter, and the analysis provided clear, actionable steps toward increasing revenue.

The presentation hit us like a truck. We instantly saw the gaps in our e-commerce funnel, and it was clear we could expect immediate results from taking action on his insights.”

Chris Healy, Director, Round Two Creative



Or your campaigns may soon perform so well that your clients and executives will get you better birthday presents than your loved ones.

70% of our new projects come from our existing partners hiring us for more. Those we currently work with on a regular basis are located across the US:
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